French Chateaux Pumpkins

A lovely trio of pumpkins that combine luxe embroidery and rustic detailing. Shown in shades of rose quartz, sky, lavender and antique gold (available in other colors per custom request or by purchasing each under their individual listings, linked below).

Keep in mind that everything is handmade and made to order. We do not accept rush orders and each order is based on the date it was placed.

• Includes 3 pumpkins: L Laurel pumpkin, M double monogram pumpkin, and S lavender pumpkin
• 100% linen outer
• Fully lined, 100% cotton
• Dried pumpkin stems from 2017 and 2018 harvests
• Embroidered designs in rose quartz, sky, antique gold, and lavender
• Handmade in America
• Made to order

• Large pumpkin measures approximately 8" tall (This includes the length of the stem)
• Medium pumpkin measures approximately 6" tall (This includes the length of the stem)
• Small pumpkin measures approximately 3" tall (This includes the length of the stem)
• Pumpkin stems are real so they naturally vary in size and shape
• Spot clean with cold water and mild soap
• Store wrapped loosely in dye-free tissue in a climate-controlled environment
*Measurements are approximate and vary a bit due to the handmade nature of each item.

Want to order in a different color scheme, sizes or separately? Links to individual listings below:

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Double Monogram Pumpkin:

Lavender Pumpkin:

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  • $150.00